Mode of dealing


The password is necessary to enter the site of the inventory information.
The person who hopes for the password is here.The password is issued with mail later.

Conditions of business

Neither principle restoration nor Clma are confirmed.Please acknowledge it within the understanding range.

The vehicle data is written within the range where it can be watched to stock it.

It is likely to come to have made a sales contract at once also in the locale because it sells it.

I hope about an accident current car in the principle no claim.Please refrain from the cancellation after it pledges it.Please a present car make a preliminary inspection or inquire by telephone.

The consumption tax separately hangs to the price of the vehicle.

The recycling charge is separately needed in the vehicle of recycling charge message end.

When the vehicle is sold, the confirmation whether the name change or blotting out is confirmed from our company to the customer.Please acknowledge being not able to return the Automobile Tax at the name change hope and the blotting out later change in that case.When the taxpayer of the Automobile Tax in the fiscal year however is our company, I will ..unpassage.. return it if the automobile inspection certificate blotted out later can be faxed.

The Automobile Tax until the end of fiscal year hangs for the vehicle sold with the car inspection and it hangs separately.

50,000 yen is kept as guarantee money, and after confirming the name change, we will return it with the car inspection at sales.

Please complete the name change and the blotting out procedure from the pledge moon to the end of next month. Please send the copy of the copy of the automobile inspection certificate or the blotting out copy.

When the registration is acquired now so that our company may confirm the registration situation, we will claim 2,000 yen as a commission.

It is assumed the one to pay actual expenses and the penalty 30,000 yen that our company bore by the illegal Parker, illegal disposal, and speeding, etc. with the sales vehicle.


I hope the vehicle carrying out within one week after it pledges it.Please contact deputy's company name and name our company with the fax beforehand, except when it is those who pledge it.Please submit the copy of deputy's concerned license certificate for the deputy.

Payment Method

Please transfer the bank to four business days or less after fixing sales or pay the full amount in cash.Please bear the transfer commission.

Payee's bank account

The Keiyo Bank Yachiyo branch
Ordinary account 3635301
Art auto Ltd.

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